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Quitting smoking provides Obamacare incentives

DigitalJournal.com | December 12, 2014

Websites Step Up to Fill Federal Void

Kaiser Health News / Philadelphia Enquirer | November 25, 2014

Obamacare prices jump in Monroe County

Premium prices for a popular type of health coverage under the Affordable Care Act have increased dramatically in Monroe County this year.

Obamacare visualization: Company makes interactive map showing insurance prices

Insurance prices on the healthcare.gov website show that insurance prices on the federal government's marketplace will be higher in 2015; now a New York-based personal finance company has made it easier to see.

These are the safest cities in America for women

Regardless of its bigoted editing, the Hollaback video that went viral in October documented a nasty reality: Even just walking down the street, many women don’t feel safe. But are they?

Obamacare's fewer fans, more enrollees

Public opinion of Obamacare has never been worse, even as the government-run health insurance exchanges are running dramatically better than they did when they opened last year.

Survey: Car insurance premiums vary by hundreds, depending on location

A survey of New York auto insurance premiums by a financial-advice website found that identical drivers could pay a difference of almost $900 a year to insure the identical car, depending on where they lived on Long Island.

Obamacare opens 2015 enrollment period without fanfare

Open enrollment in Obamacare for 2015 began Saturday and will continue until Feb. 15.

Obamacare 2015 prices revealed before election by ValuePenguin

The Obama administration isn’t revealing how much prices will increase on Obamacare insurance policies until after the election, but Jonathan Wu can tell you right now.

Satisfied with your credit card company?

How satisfied are you with your credit card company? You might be interested in a study by ValuePenguin, which recently reviewed complaints reported to the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding the six largest credit card companies.

Arizonans more likely to complain about credit cards

Arizonans are a bit more likely to complain about credit-card practices but are less prone to collect refunds for their troubles, according to an analysis by financial researcher ValuePenguin.com

How to Get the Most of Your Loyalty Rewards Cards

Our wallets and key chains are full of them: drugstore loyalty cards. After all, most are free and offer periodic discounts and rewards.

On the Spot: What to do with accidents involving rental cars

Question: On May 16, when we returned to our car parked at the Santa Barbara Amtrak station, a group of people was gathered in the lot.

Top Travel Reward Credit Cards

If you are loyal to a certain hotel or airline, you may already be aware of the perks when your MasterCard, Visa or American Express card is co-branded with a travel provider. These cards can make travel easier and cheaper with a free checked bag and othe

Study Shows Memphis Has State's Highest Car Insurance Rates

A new study reveals that Memphis isn’t the best place to get car insurance if you’re trying to save a few dollars.

Your Daily Starbucks Habit Will Cost You Nearly $7,000 Over A Decade

When you're looking to save a little money, anyone will tell you to stop buying cups of coffee.

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