Best Fitness Business Management Software 2017

Whether you manage a small or large gym, we'll help you find the best fitness management software to help you grow your business and save you time on administrative tasks like employee payroll, scheduling, and billing, and also greatly improve the customer experience.

Zen Planner: Best for Single-Location Fitness Businesses

Trusted by over 5,000 fitness businesses, Zen Planner is a comprehensive web-based membership management solution designed for gyms, martial art schools, boutique fitness studios and boxes. The software includes all of the features necessary to manage and grow your fitness business, and is especially great for single-location fitness studios. We particularly like the unique social features of Zen Planner -- members can keep track of their workout progress through the software, and compare their performance against their peers. This unique social interactivity promotes a sense of community, and holds members accountable for their progress.


  • Helps establish a sense of community -- members can interact with each other through the Member App, where they can Like and comment on each other’s workout results.
  • Robust automated communication (prospect nurture campaigns, retention auto-emails) for customer relationship management.
  • Various member self-service features, enabling members to reserve classes online, record workout results, and manage billing.


  • Monthly fee schedule based on number of members -- no hidden fees.
  • $120/month for up to 200 members
  • Free 15 day trial.
Zen Planner Logo

Zen Planner is ideal for fitness businesses looking to foster a sense of community.

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MINDBODY: Most Popular Fitness Membership Management Software

MINDBODY is the most popular membership management solutions for fitness-related businesses -- and for good reason, the software has one of the most comprehensive set of features in the industry. The comprehensive set of features may come with a steep learning curve, but those who invest the time to familiarize themselves with the software will be rewarded with the software’s powerful capabilities. Though MINDBODY can also be used by salons and spas, it’s most popular amongst fitness businesses.


  • Marketing -- businesses can increase their client base through MINDBODY’s mobile app, which allows its 3.5 million users search find nearby fitness classes that use MINDBODY.
  • Strong reporting capabilities -- software comes with over 100+ reports to identify areas for improvement, and sources of lost revenue.
  • With over 1,000 employees, MINDBODY has the workforce to constantly evolve their product.


  • Price varies depending on selected package, starting at $45/month up to $245/month.
  • Free demo.

MINDBODY is great for businesses looking to gain exposure through the mobile app and its 3.5 million users.

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Pike13: Intuitive Membership Management Software Startup

Pike13 (formerly known as Front Desk) is a simple membership management solution serving a wide variety of service-based businesses, ranging from fitness studios to dance studios, and music schools. Though not designed solely for the fitness industry, many of Pike13’s clients are fitness businesses and the software has become one of the most popular solutions in the space. The interface is designed to be user friendly and have a lower learning curve compared to its competitors.


  • Low learning curve, intuitive design.
  • Highly customizable -- creates a custom website (using a Pike13 subdomain) where users can access class schedules and purchase classes/memberships.
  • Reduces the amount of work needed for registering new members, making reservations, signing forms, and processing payments.


  • Starts at $129/month, up to $179/month
  • Free 14 day trial.
Pike13 Logo

Users rave about Pike13's user interface, and about how easy it is to learn.

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Glofox: Best Value

Glofox stands out from the competition with its ease of use and customization; each client receives a custom branded mobile app, which customers can download to view, book and pay for classes, courses and memberships. A booking and payment portal can also be integrated with your website or Facebook page. This level of customization makes Glofox a top solution for smaller gyms and fitness studios looking to save time, grow their community and promote their brand. Designed specifically for the fitness industry, Glofox offers a feature-rich product at a competitive price.


  • Lightweight membership management solution that helps clients save an average of 2 hours/day in admin time.
  • Each Glofox client gets a custom branded app, which members can download -- great for building brand loyalty.
  • Software is modern, flexible, and easy to use.


  • Starting at $80/month, up to $180/month depending on which package you purchase. See here for the full pricing schedule.
  • Free demo.
Glofox Logo

With an emphasis on their mobile app capabilities, Glofox is ideal for on-the-go small business owners.

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Wodify: A Popular Option for CrossFit Boxes

Founded in 2012 and endorsed by decorated CrossFit athletes like Rich Froning, Wodify comes with a rich set of features that will appeal to box owners and athletes alike. Box owners can replace their existing whiteboards with the digital whiteboard kiosk provided by Wodify, which gives users a place to check in and view workout results. The software helps coaches create and schedule Workouts of the Day, while the full-featured member mobile app keeps users engaged and motivated even when they're not working out in your gym.


  • Member mobile app enables members to track workout progress, reserve classes, and log results
  • Digital whiteboard kiosk displays the WOD and live and global leaderboard stats
  • Drag-and-drop WOD creation and scheduling


  • $1.75 per member per month (discounts for multi-location gyms/boxes)
Wodify Logo

Wodify is ideal for CrossFit boxes that want to motivate and inspire their members.

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EZFacility: Comprehensive Web-Based Fitness Business Management Software

Founded in 2003, EZFacility provides a comprehensive set of features for fitness businesses that are looking to streamline their everyday operations. One of the most impressive aspects of the software is that it gives gyms the chance to offer a custom branded mobile app for their members, without creating one from scratch. The software is also designed with sophisticated custom reporting capabilities that allow you to extract valuable insights about your most popular classes, best and worst revenue sources, peak gym hours, and more.


  • Educational webinars available online to train employees about product features; also excellent support and training sessions for anyone who needs extra guidance.
  • Set up email marketing campaigns with more than 500 templates.
  • Custom reports help you identify and analyze membership trends, retail revenue performance, and more.


EZFacility Logo

Ideal for sports facilities and fitness businesses looking for a web-based management system to help manage their business from end-to-end.

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Other Fitness Software Management Options

Virtuagym is a comprehensive cloud-based system designed for fitness clubs and personal trainers, in order to help them manage their business from end to end. Virtuagym currently has over 3,000 clients worldwide.
Bookeo is an online scheduling & reservation system appropriate for smaller fitness businesses and bootcamps.
Amilia is a membership management software system used across various industries, but is particularly helpful for gyms and fitness studios.
Wellness Living is a newer web-based membership management system, used by thousands of spas, salons, and fitness businesses.

Key Questions
to Consider

  • Will the online booking system take members away from your site?

    Many of the top software providers enable members to book classes / appointments online. However, some providers will host these capabilities on their own web domain. This can divert traffic away from your website, which can potentially result in lost customers.

  • Will your members have a custom mobile app?

    A custom mobile app for your business can be a great way to build your brand, and increase customer loyalty. Some software providers have a generic app that includes all businesses who subscribe to the software. This can be a powerful marketing tool, since if you're one of the businesses, any user who downloads the app can discover your business and sign up for classes. The downside is that if a user is searching for your business through the app, they can possibly discover one of your competitors and go there instead.

  • Does the software support the different membership options you provide?

    If you have different types of memberships or introductory offers, you'll want to make sure that your software can accommodate all of them and keep track of their balances. It can get complicated to manage complex membership types, and if your software can't support them, then this can introduce additional headaches.

  • Does the system support multiple locations?

    If your business has multiple locations, you'll want to make sure that the software enables you to manage all of them from one centralized place. In addition, you'll want to be able to manage multiple schedules, and allow customers to visit various locations, while having their balances be updated accordingly. When analyzing reports, you'll want to be able to easily aggregate data across locations, and also analyze each location's performance individually. Some products charge extra for all of these capabilities, so you should factor that into the price.

Important Product Features to Look For

  • Automated Billing & Payment Processing

    Members can pay bills online, which means you’ll get paid regularly and on time. Business managers can also track and manage payroll through software.

  • Marketing

    Engaging potential or past clients through e-mail or push notifications can be helpful in growing your client base. It’s also important to be able to advertise promotions or deals to attract new members, and increase awareness of your brand.

  • Scheduling

    It's helpful to allow members to reserve spots in classes, or schedule personal training sessions online. Staff should also be able to easily access their schedules and understand how full their classes are.

  • Workout Tracking

    Enable members to track their progress and celebrate personal records. Some platforms also provide leaderboards to give members a sense of how their performance compares to others, and to help motivate.

  • Point of Sale / Retail management

    Track inventory and enable customers to purchase workout gear, snacks, and supplements on-line and in person.

  • Mobile App / Website:

    For members to book classes, check in, and track workouts, further helping you engage with your customers. Having a custom mobile app or website with your branding can be a great way to strengthen your brand and foster a sense of community with your members. Many of the top software solutions will also support integration with your existing website or Facebook page.

  • Reporting/Analytics

    Track information about retention rates, membership growth, sales numbers, monthly revenue and gain valuable insights about how your business is doing.

  • Member Check-ins

    Staff should be able to quickly check members in to their classes, or enable members to check themselves in so that they can get to their workouts faster.